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The Statue of Liberty  is a symbol of political freedom and democracy. Located in New York Harbor, it is seen as the unofficial entrance to New York City and welcomes visitors from around the world. Given to the United States as a gift from France for the centennial of the American Revolution, the Statue of Liberty opened to the public in 1886.



Liberty Island

To visit Statue of Liberty, you have to take a boat from lower Manhattan. Before boarding the boat, everyone must go through rigorous security screening, just like in an airport. A visit to the monument itself requires an additional screening. Large bags are not allowed on the island. Also backpacks, strollers, large umbrellas, food, and drink are not allowed in the monument. If you want to visit the island foar Statue of Liberty, you must allow for time spent on long waiting queues. On average there is a waiting queue of 90 minutes (but only +/- 30 minutes for those with a New York CityPASS) to board the boat to take you to Liberty Island. Additional waiting queues of 30 minutes may occur to pass through security screening on the island.

You can catch the boat to Liberty Island from Battery Park (by the Castle Clinton monument). To get there, take the 1 subway train to any one of the following stations: Bowling Green, Whitehall Street, and South Ferry.

Statue of Liberty seen from the water

How to see Statue of Liberty:

Take a free ride on Staten Island ferry. You will pass right by Statue of Liberty, but you cannot stop directly at Liberty Island. Click here to see more information on Staten Island Ferry.

It is possible to visit Liberty Island and see Statue of Liberty without entering the monument. Buy tickets in advance. It saves  you at least an hour of waiting in queues. Also buying your tickets in advance is a lot cheaper than when you buy on the spot.

Buy your combination ticket for Statue of Liberty and 9/11 Memorial

Skyline of New York Statue of Liberty Twilight

How to visit the Statue of Liberty:

If you would like to book tickets for then, please do so in advance as tickets sell out extremely quickly. To book your ticket click here.  When making your reservations, make sure that the name on the ticket for Statue of Liberty is the same as on your passport. For going up to the crown, it is 354 steps. If you are walking up to the crown, the only thing that visitors are allowed to take with them are their ticket, camera, and medication. All other items, including wallets and keys, must be stored in a rental locker. You can also buy your combination ticket for Statue of Liberty and 9/11 Memorial or the boat tour here.

Eric’s tip: Personally I would recommend to anyone that has not bought their boat ticket in advance to head down to the island for a visit. If you would like to visit Statue of Liberty, then buy your ticket (see links above) in order to save yourself any unnecessary time spent waiting in queues. Tickets are valid on the day of your choice, so there is no need to set the day or hour.


Flame Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty seen from above


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