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Avenue Q the Off-Broadway Musical

Avenue Q the Off-Broadway Musical

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Avenue Q in New York

Avenue Q, the Off-Broadway* musical in New York, is as American as it gets. In case you’re blessed with a good knowledge of both the English language and the American culture, a good laugh is guaranteed. If not, you might miss out on a few jokes in this modern musical. Avenue Q features only three human actors – the rest of them are muppets with puppeteers behind them. Imagine your favourite Sesame Street characters, but about 20, 30 years later. This doesn’t mean that the musical is suitable for kids though. In fact: a minimum age of 16 is advised, as the musical does not shy away from ‘rock ‘n roll’ kind of subjects.

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Intriguing personalities

The musical tells the classic story about Princeton: a recent college grad without a purpose in life. Princeton is a muppet, but as with all muppets in this show, you’ll need to watch the face of the puppeteer – or should I say ‘muppeteer’ – to see all the emotions. As Princeton finds a shabby place to live at Avenue Q he keeps meeting the most intriguing people. Like girl-next-door Kate, Republican Rod, internet sexpert Trekkie and Lucy the Slut, to name a few. Don’t focus too much on the story line or bigger picture, as the power of this musical rather lies in the character’s loose adventures and comical conversations.

Avenue Q in New York - the musical Avenue Q in New York - Cast

Laughing out loud

Avenue Q is often described as a laugh-out-loud musical, and that’s a spot-on description. A side note is that it’s mainly focused on American spectators, meaning that you’ll need quite an exquisite knowledge of American culture to get most of the jokes. Even after having lived in the States for a while, I noticed I still missed a few of the inside jokes in this musical. It’s full of American humour, which can be quite crude and satiric. Think about songs like ‘Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist’. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then Avenue Q is likely to become your new favourite musical.

Avenue Q in New York - Poster Avenue Q in New York - Puppeteer

Show information

  • A minimum age of 16 is advised
  • Duration: approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes

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* An Off-Broadway show is in a theatre with a smaller capacity than a regular Broadway show, seating 100-499 people.

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