Bad Cinderella on Broadway Tickets

Bad Cinderella on Broadway tickets

Buy your Bad Cinderella on Broadway tickets before going to New York. You can easily buy your theatre tickets online, saving you money and time. Visit the Imperial Theatre to see this extraordinary fairytale written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In Belleville, everything is perfect except Cinderella. When she is in danger of losing her only friend, Cinderella does everything in her power to prevent that from happening, no matter the cost.

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Life in Belleville

In the beautiful kingdom of Belleville, everything is perfect; the fields are beautiful, the people are friendly and the prince is very charming. Only one person stands in the way of pure perfection; Cinderella. The misfit’s only friend is Prince Sebastian, whom no one cares about either. It is only when his older brother, Prince Charming, disappears that he comes into the spotlight. Being the royal heir, he must marry. Thinking Cinderella is losing her only friend to the crown, she visits the Godmother who can fix everything. Although it does come at a price…

Bad Cinderella on Broadway tickets Cast

An extraordinary fairytale

Bad Cinderella is a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote Phantom of the Opera and Evita, among others. It is a funny adaptation of the book by Emerald Fennell. The Broadway show is directed by Laurence Connor, who also directed Les Misérables. The magical musical with a message, witty lyrics and exuberant music, has been called one of Webber’s best works.

How to buy Bad Cinderella on Broadway Tickets?

It is easy to buy tickets for Bad Cinderella with the link below. I recommend buying tickets online before your trip to New York. Why? You will save time and money and most importantly you don’t have to stress about finding tickets when you are in New York. A lot of shows are very popular and are often sold out.

Buying a ticket is simple:
  • Click on the link and select the date you want to go
  • Fill in your information and pay
  • Check your email for the confirmation

Show Information

  • Minimum age: Recommended ages 10 and up. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.
  • Duration: 2 hours and 25 minutes
  • Location: Imperial Theatre, 249 West 45th Street
  • Accessibility: T
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