Come From Away on Broadway Tickets

Come From Away on Broadway Tickets

Save on Come From Away on Broadway tickets by purchasing them before you travel to New York. Buying theatre tickets online is safe, easy and saves time and money! See this show in the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater. Come From Away tells the true story of a Canadian town. On September the 11th 2001 38 passenger planes were stranded here because they were no longer allowed to enter American airspace after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

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Unexpected Visitors

The occupants of the otherwise peaceful Gander in Newfoundland welcome the 6700 unexpected guests with open arms. It actually doubles the population of the town! They make arrangements to keep their large group of international visitors entertained and to make them feel at home. As time progresses, various developments take place within the group of travellers. Couples break up and new romances form. There are also people who discover that they have lost loved ones in the attacks. The special story behind this musical will touch the hearts of everyone in the audience. However, it is also an often funny show about human nature, charity and social relationships.

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How to buy Come From Away tickets?

It is easy to buy tickets for Come From Away with the link below. I recommend buying tickets online before your trip to New York. Why? A lot of shows are very popular and are often sold out. You’ll also save time and money and most importantly you don’t have to stress about finding tickets when you are in New York.

Buying a ticket is simple:

  • Click on the link and select the date you want to go
  • Fill in your information and pay
  • Check your email for the confirmation and voucher
Exchange your voucher at the theatre on the day of the show with valid photo ID

Seats are assigned by the theatre, which is why you won’t know your exact seating at the time of booking. Seat numbers will be clearly marked on the tickets. For bookings up to 4 people you are guaranteed seating next to one another. With larger groups the theatre will try its best.

Send me an email at [email protected] if you want to book for groups of 9 people or more.

Eric’s Tip: If you want to avoid the more traditional song-and-dance shows, but still want to experience Broadway, then I recommend going to see Come From Away. The price and length of the show are good too. Because there is a small cast and the subject matter is moving, the show has an intimate quality about it.

Show Information

  • Recommended for ages 10 and up. Children up to 4 years aren’t permitted in the theatre.
  • Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Location: Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, 236 West 45th Street

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