Couture Fashion Week in New York

Front row at the new york couture fashion week

Couture Fashion Week takes place every Spring and Autumn in the major fashion capitals of the world. Of course, New York has claimed its place too! At the beginning of September and February, you too can take part in this exclusive event in New York. Enjoy the most amazing creations from great designers front-row. Everyone worth knowing in New York goes to these exclusive fashion shows, and now you too can go.

4W43 Building

The Couture Fashion Week in New York is hosted at the 4W43 Building in Manhattan. As a true fashionista and fashion lover, you will be first to see the latest collections from established designers and new talent. You will be able to soak up everything, take fantastic photos and, in addition, learn what will influence the world of fashion in the upcoming season. The exclusive fashion shows of one or more designers are accompanied by great music. So sit back and be surprised and inspired to go shopping in New York by the latest collections by designers like Laura Williams, Marco Marcu, Mireille Dagher, Isabel Zapardiez, Avril Lemieux and Nedret Taciroglu.

Tickets for Couture Fashion Week

Buying tickets for Couture Fashion Week in New York is easy. You are welcomed at 4W43 Building located at 43rd Street and Fifth Avenue in the early afternoon. Don’t be late and arrive 20 minutes before as seats will be assigned at the door. Arriving early gives you enough time before the show to marvel at beautiful creations from the fashion world. Even the guests are expected to show their inner fashionista. So dress to impress!

This event is available in September and February

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Couture Fashion Week in NYC - Andres Aquino Couture Fashion Week in NYC - Laureluxe

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