Free Audio Tour New York

Free Audio Tour New York

Did you know that New York was originally called New Amsterdam? Want to see how the Dutch founded New York? Then download a free audio tour on your PC, MP3 player, iPod, iPhone or telephone. While listening you are guided through lower Manhattan to where the Dutch laid the foundation for New York as we know it today.

Eric’s Tip: The tour takes around one and half hours but is certainly worthwhile. The starting point is all the way downtown and while listening you walk past important places that you would not think to be that important. It’s a free tour is designed to tell you more about the Dutch contribution to New York and America. The “New Amsterdam Trail” is really worthwhile. Unfortunately, this walk only available to download in English.

Download the audio tour and information page here

If you would like a guided tour instead, check out the bus and walking tours of New York.

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