How has New York been changed by Bloomberg

In January 2002 Michael Bloomberg succeeded Rudolph Giuliani as mayor of New York City. In 2013, towards the end of his third term, the New York Times published an interactive infographic. This beautiful presentation looks back on a 12-year period in which Bloomberg played a crucial role in the development of New York City.

Interactive Infographic about New York City

The infographic shows the development of various buildings and the implementation of key projects aimed at residential areas and the improvement of the biking infrastructure. The red shows areas where major changes have taken place. Various projects are illustrated on the basis of great photos which clearly show the developments. You can see among others the change of Times Square, the transformation of Long Island City, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the construction of the Barclays Center where the Brooklyn Nets play.
Click here to view the infographic from the New York Times
Below are photos of Williamsburg in 2003 and 2013. Source images:

williamsburg 2003

williamsburg 2013

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