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Mrs  Doubtfire on Broadway Tickets

Buy your Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway tickets before you go to New York. Buying your theatre tickets online is easy and also saves you time and money. Mrs. Doubtfire, the musical is playing in the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. A nostalgic reminder of the 1993 movie of the same name, starring Robin Williams as Scottish nanny Euphegenia Doubtfire. The well-loved comedic and heartwarming story is now being told on Broadway!

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The indispensable nanny

The timeless storyline of the film is closely replicated in the musical. The marriage of an unemployed actor, Daniel Hillard, is on the rocks. When, for the umpteenth time, a disagreement arises his partner, Miranda decides it’s time for a divorce. To make matters worse, as a result of the divorce Daniel loses custody of his children. To be able to see them more often than every Saturday, he starts working for Miranda in disguise as a nanny, Mrs. Doubtfire. In this role, he has to do much more than just entertain the children. He doesn’t take easily to the housework and parenting duties right away. But, over time he grows into his role and becomes indispensable to the lives of Miranda and their children.

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How to buy Mrs. Doubtfire tickets?

It is easy to buy tickets for Mrs. Doubtfire with the link below. I recommend buying tickets online before your trip to New York. Why? You will save time and money and most importantly you don’t have to stress about finding tickets when you are in New York. A lot of shows are very popular and are often sold out.

Buying a ticket is simple:
  • Click on the link and select the date you want to go
  • Fill in your information and pay
  • Check your email for the confirmation and voucher

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COVID-19 regulations

You do not need proof of vaccination for a Broadway show. Wearing a face mask during the show is mandatory. Limited amount of tickets available.

Show Information

  • Minimum age: Recommended for 8+. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the theatre.
  • Location: Stephen Sondheim Theatre, 124 West 43rd Street
  • Accessibility:

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