Pay Phones in New York

Pay Phones in New York

Calls from a pay phone cost 50 cents. You can also use a prepaid phone card. These cards have a credit from  $5 up until $100. You buy these cards at newspaper stands. These prepaid cards are suitable for calls abroad.

The international area code for the U.S. is 001. New York City has 5 area codes: 212, 917, 646 for Manhattan. 718 and 347 are used for the other boroughs. Free numbers begin with 1-800, 1-888, 1-866 and 1-877.

Prepaid Phones in New York

If you are staying in New York for a couple of weeks, buy a prepaid cellphone. Best Buy offers the cheapest ones often not more than 15-20 dollars including credit.

It is also possible to call from a hotel. Pay close attention to the cost! Calling within New York is usually not more than $1 per phone call whereas calling to Canada can cost a lot more.

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