Rudolph the Christmas Musical Tickets

Rudolph the Christmas Musical tickets

Buy your Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical tickets online before you travel to New York. You can see Rudolph with the whole family in The Theatre in Madison Square Garden, this musical is fun for people of all ages! Who doesn’t know the story of the young reindeer Rudolph, who was bullied by the other reindeer because of his red, shiny nose? There is no better way to get in the festive spirit with your children than with this magical Christmas tale.

Unfortunately, this show has closed

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Christmas at Madison Square Garden

Rudolph, due to his striking appearance is an outsider amongst the other reindeer and runs away from their home town. During his journey he has some exciting adventures and encounters some new friends along the way. Amongst them, Father Christmas, who is having some trouble with the bad weather. He is looking for a way to deliver his presents and packages on time. Rudolph, with his bright nose is the perfect solution. Rudolph gets the chance to lead the herd of reindeer and save Christmas. The musical is brought to life in Madison Square Garden with beautiful sets, projections, costumes and puppets.

How to buy tickets to Rudolph the Christmas Musical?

Via the link below you can easily purchase tickets to Rudolph the Christmas Musical. It’s smart to do this before going to New York. It will save you time and in addition you do not have to worry that the tickets are sold out if you are in New York. Many musicals are popular and often sell out quickly.

Show Information

  • Suitable for all ages. Children of 1 year and older are required to purchase a ticket.
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Location: The Theater at Madison Square Garden, 7th Ave & 32nd Street
  • This show is seasonal

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