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One Vanderbilt The Summit Tickets

Summit at One Vanderbilt tickets are available online. This observation deck in New York is located in the One Vanderbilt skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, next to the Grand Central Terminal. The viewpoint is at an altitude of 1000 feet and offers great views of surrounding landmarks like the Empire State Building. The Summit is not only an observation deck, it is also a special audiovisual experience.


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Summit One Vanderbilt

One Vanderbilt is across from Grand Central. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt observation deck covers three floors of the impressive skyscraper. From here you have a unique view of the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Bryant Park, and Times Square which are nearby. In addition to the beautiful views, the observation deck offers ‘Air’, an art experience that you can walk through. There is also an indoor café with a fireplace and an outdoor terrace with a bar.

One Vanderbilt The Summit Tickets Empire State Building View Summit One Vanderbilt Tickets Central Park

Special features inside Summit

Summit is not your ordinary observation deck, there are also four experiences created by Kenzo Digital that stimulate your senses. All in all, a visit to Summit will immerse you in the best views of New York in several ways.


Upon entering, you will enter the ‘Transcendence’: a space with high ceilings, filled with mirrors to create a surreal experience and where you can take the most impressive Instagram photos. Above this room, you can walk over the balustrade where you can look into the large round mirrors. It is strongly recommended to not wear skirts or dresses when going to the Summit, as the floor and ceiling are made out of mirrors.

Summit One Vanderbilt Tickets Transcendence


As you walk through, you’ll enter ‘Affinity’ where hundreds of silver balloons float around. It’s the perfect place for a special selfie. The space offers views over Central Park and Uptown Manhattan.

Summit One Vanderbilt Tickets Affinity


In addition, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt has two glass-floored overhangs called ‘Levitation’. If you’re not afraid of heights, you can step into the overhangs for some great views of Madison Avenue.


‘Ascent’, two glass elevators positioned on the outside of the building bring you to the top of the One Vanderbilt building. Once the elevators have reached the top, they will stay there for a few minutes so that you can enjoy the beautiful view. Please note that the elevators are an extra attraction that you need separate tickets for.

Ascent is temporarily closed
Eric’s Tip: “Take your time to discover everything in Summit One Vanderbilt. For example, I advise you to sit down and let everything you see around you sink in. I usually spend about an hour and a half on the observation deck. Be sure to visit the toilet as well: from here you have beautiful views of the city.”

Summit during the day and in the evening

You can visit the observation deck during the day and in the evening, both offer different experiences. During the day you have a good view over Central Park and the observation deck is perfectly lit for all your Instagram photos. The sunlight is very bright due to the many mirrors. I recommend bringing sunglasses.

In the evening the art experience ‘Air’ is even more intense than during the day. The different colours become visible and come to life through the sounds that are played. This gives the observation deck, together with the views over the city, added value.

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Eric’s Tip: “You can get a good view of Central Park from the Summit. If you want to see Manhattan’s largest park from above, I recommend visiting the observation deck during the day.”

Summit One Vanderbilt Tickets Night Summit One Vanderbilt Tickets Evening

Outdoor experience

The observation deck also has an outdoor area that offers views of the Empire State Building and Times Square. On the outside terrace, you can have a drink at the bar and here you will also find access to ‘Ascent’, the elevators on the outside of the building.

Practical Information

  • Location: the main entrance is on the Main Concourse of Grand Central Terminal
  • Opening hours:
    • from 09:00 to 00:00
    • The last admission is 90 minutes before closing time

This observation deck is not included in a discount pass.

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What is the best time to visit Summit One Vanderbilt?

There is no ‘best’ time to visit Summit One Vanderbilt. During the day you can take great photos, during the evening the experience is more intense. Read more here.

How much do Summit One Vanderbilt tickets cost?

Summit One Vanderbilt tickets are available from CA$66.

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