The FRIENDS Experience in New York

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The FRIENDS Experience in New York

The FRIENDS Experience in New York is an exhibition about the iconic TV series Friends. The series about the lives of six New York friends has been given its own “experience” in the city, in full called The FRIENDS Experience: The One In New York City, and you can visit it! Are you a fan of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe? Then you definitely shouldn’t miss this!

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With Matthew Perry no longer with us, The FRIENDS Experience is still channelling Chandler’s spirit.

Friends Museum NYC

The Friends series is set in Manhattan, so naturally, The FRIENDS Experience, (which started first as a FRIENDS pop-up in New York) has also settled in The Big Apple. Here in the flagship location, you immerse yourself in the real world of Friends. Have a seat on the orange bench in front of the fountain, check out what’s in Monica’s kitchen cupboards, and stop by Chandler and Joey’s apartment. In the Experience, you can walk around the recreated film sets and view various original outfits and other props from the series. To top it all off, you can go to Central Perk for a cup of coffee and a snack. Finish with a visit to the Experience Store for a souvenir of this unique world of Friends!

Eric’s Tip: “Real Friends fans shouldn’t miss this Friends set tour in New York! You can take selfies everywhere as if you’ve visited the friends in real life, the sets are nicely recreated. Also, not many visitors are allowed in at the same time so you can take your time to look around and take pictures without other people in it. Each room has a basket for your things, so you can take your own photos, or use a QR code system to get your own print or digital version (for a fee). I spent around an hour there.”

Friends in New York

The Friends series takes place in the various apartments of the group of friends, which are located in Manhattan. In the series, the coffee shop where they can often be found hanging out, Central Perk, is located around the corner from the apartments. Central Perk does not exist but the cafe is actually called The Little Owl, it can be visited in Greenwich Village. For those who really want to explore the sets of Friends, there is now The FRIENDS Experience, created by Warner Bros and Superfly X. Would you like to see other places from the Friends series, alongside other TV series and films as well? Then the TV and Movie Sites Tour in New York is for you!

Practical Information

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  • Location: 130 East 23rd Street
  • Please note that this experience has limited availability
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The FRIENDS Experience in New York Monicas Kitchen The FRIENDS Experience in New York Chandler and Joeys Apartment

How long does the FRIENDS Experience New York take?

The FRIENDS Experience will take approximately 1 hour. After seeing the sets, you can visit the Central Perk Cafe.

What can you do at the FRIENDS Experience?

At the FRIENDS Experience, you can visit the recreations of the famous sets. Read all about it here.

Is The FRIENDS Experience in NYC worth it?

If you are a fan of the series, this experience is a must! You can immerse yourself completely in the world of Friends. Get your tickets here.

Can you visit the Friends apartment in New York?

No, but you can see the building at 90 Bedford Street in Greenwich Village. Visit the FRIENDS Experience to take a tour around the sets.

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