Transportation from airport to airport

Transportation from airport to airport

JFK, Newark and LaGuardia

It is possible that you arrive at Newark and the next flight departs from JFK or LaGuardia or the other way around. This can be problematic if you have less than four hours to transfer.

Important to know

If you fly from outside of the United States to one of the airports you will need to pass through customs. This can sometimes take a long time so take about an hour and half to two hours into account. Fortunately this means spending less time waiting for your luggage.
If you are traveling within the United States to New York then you need not pass through customs but you do need to pick up your luggage. Take about an hour into account for this.

How long does it take to travel from airport to airport?

There are a number of ways to get to the different airports by either taxi, bus, train or car service. The following times are for travelling with a car service booked BEFOREHAND and are ONLY for the journey itself. These times do take the highway traffic into consideration.

From Newark to JFK and vice versa 2 hours
From LaGuardia to JFK and vice versa  45 minutes
From LaGuardia to Newark and vice versa  1,5 hours

Click on the links below for the specific transportation information between the airports in New York

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