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By US Open Tennis tickets before you travel, you cannot buy them at the venue itself. US Open Tennis is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments and takes place each year in New York. This two-week tournament is the biggest sporting event in the US with the most spectators. The US Open Tennis is held during the last week of August and the first week of September. This event is a stage for the biggest names in tennis and also where the most dramatic and challenging matches take place. It is also the last Grand Slam of the year.

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You can buy tickets to a match or a session at US Open Tennis by looking for the date when you’d like to visit a match or view the table below. The tickets can be paid by credit card and are sent to you by email. The tickets are mobile e-tickets that you can show on your phone to enter the stadium. You don’t need to print these mobile tickets. Your tickets are 100% guaranteed authentic and will be sent to you on time.

US Open Tennis Tickets - Grandstand Stadium US Open Tennis Tickets - Tennis Match

Which US Open Tennis Session to Attend?

Since the tournament is two consecutive weeks long, you should consider which days you want to attend. Tickets for the beginning rounds of the US Open Tennis are cheaper than at the end of the tournament (the Championships). The Morning Ticket sessions last from 11:00 until the matches are completed. The Evening Ticket sessions begin at 19:00, these are usually the more important games.

Center Court tickets allow you to choose your own seat at Arthur Ashe Stadium while booking your ticket. The higher you sit in the stadium, the cheaper the tickets. Arthur Ashe Stadium is where you will find the top tennis matches. Here you’ll see the top tennis stars and the celebrities who sit courtside.

With the Morning Center Court tickets, you will have:

  • A reserved seat at the Arthur Ashe Stadium
  • First-come, first-served access to all other tennis courts at the US Open. This includes the Louis Armstrong, the Grandstand, and the nineteen outdoor courts.

If you have the Evening Center Court tickets, you will have:

  • A reserved seat at the Arthur Ashe Stadium for all evening session matches.

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US Open Tennis Tickets - Arthur Ashe Entree US Open Tennis Tickets - Arthur Ashe Stadium from Grandstand

Practical Information

How to get to the Arena?

Take subway line 7 that leaves Times Square and Grand Central Station to the stop Mets Stadium – Willets Point. When you get out it will be clearly marked how to walk to the stadium. You can use the MetroCard which means that the trip will only cost you $2.90.

How to get back to New York?

The best way to get back to Manhattan is the 7 subway line. Even at night, the subway is safe because you will not be the only tennis fan heading ‘home’. There are also taxis available.

Eating During the US Open Matches

If you want something to eat or drink, there is plenty to choose from all day — from morning until night! There is something for everyone: sandwiches, ice cream, hamburgers, pizza, coffee, cocktails, beer, wine, and much more. In addition to the food court and food stands located throughout the grounds, there are several restaurants. There is a Brazilian restaurant called Mojito and they have the best terrace for people watching as the fans and even players walk by. However, it’s not cheap. The food and drinks there are pricey.

What can you take with you to the Stadium?

When going to the US Open Tennis, leave your large backpacks, laptops, large bags, video recorders, and cigarettes in your hotel room. You cannot smoke anywhere on the grounds at the US Open. Cameras are permitted, however, food and drinks from outside are not allowed. Before entering the US Open, you will be checked by security.

Eric’s tip: “Attending the US Open is a day out for many New Yorkers. A lot of my friends and relatives will go there. It much more than just a game of tennis; there’s a lot is happening around the event. Later in the tournament, the tension rises and you go here for a special match. While in the beginning, it is more about the experience.”

See below for a list of dates and book directly!

How much is a ticket to US Open Tennis?

That depends on what match you want to watch. US Open Tennis tickets start at: $ 53

Can I buy tickets at US Open?

No you need to buy tickets beforehand. Read on to learn about the different matches and stadiums like the Arthur Ashe Stadium and Louis Armstrong Stadium

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