New York Culinary Dictionary

Culinary Restaurant in New York

To try the cuisine of New York, you might need a few words that are common to use when ordering in New York restaurants and diners.

Knowing a few New York words

A la mode – with ice cream
Appetizer – titbit
Bagel – the best-known New York snack. A toasted ring shaped bread roll
BBQ spare ribs – grilled spare ribs
Beer on tap – draft beer
BLT – sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato
Broiled – grilled
Brownie – chocolate cake
Ceaser salad – New York’s most eaten salad, with anchovies, olives, lemon, garlic and croutons
Clam chowder  cream soup containing clams
Club sandwich  3 sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomato and chicken
Corn-on-the-cob  corncob
Cream of Chicken soup  chicken soup with cream
Diet coke – coca light
Egg cream  drink with milk, chocolate, vanilla syrup and mineral water
Eggs over easy – eggs fried on both sides
Eggs sunny side up – eggs fried on one side
Entree – starter
Hash browns  potato pancakes
Hero – sandwich
Home fries – potatoes in the oven
Lox – salmon
MSG – sodium glutamate
Produce – vegetables
Pop  soft drinks
Root beer carbonated, sweetened beverage
Scrambled eggs – stirred eggs
Soda  drinks like coke, fanta, sprite
Sub – sandwich
Taste booster  flavor enhancer
Wine by the glass – one glass of wine

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