Experience the 2024 US Elections in New York

US Elections in New York

Experience the 2024 US elections in New York! The US presidential election will take place on Tuesday 5 November 2024. These elections will choose who will serve as the country’s president for the next four years. The results of the American election will be announced in the evening. Just being in New York during the presidential election is an experience.

US elections in New York

Tuesday 5 November 2024 will be somewhat different from other days. It is the day when Americans go to the polls. They will either vote for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party candidate. The evening is all about the outcome of the elections in USA.

Where can I see the results?

On results night, I always head to Times Square. The square is filled with camera crews and presenters, bringing live updates to American households. Occasionally, whole broadcasts are made from Times Square, so you might even end up on live television. Furthermore, the Times Square billboards provide live US election results for each state.

The election results can also be followed in the rest of the city. Many bars will have televisions on. This way, you can really witness the reactions of locals and how they experience the night. For example, go to Stone Street, where there are numerous bars.

US Elections in New York - Live television US Elections in New York - Broadcast

The week around the elections

Besides the elections taking place on Tuesday 5 November, there is more to do in New York during that week. For example, on 31 October, it is Halloween in New York. On this day, the Village Halloween Parade takes place, children go door-to-door trick or treating and you can attend one of the Halloween parties. The New York City Marathon follows a few days later, on 3 November. This is one of the city’s biggest sporting events.

US Elections in New York - Times Square

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