Sale in New York

Pay attention to sales in New York if you go shopping during your city trip. This can save you a lot of money. Shopping in New York is on the to-do list with many visitors. Due to the wide range of shops on offer, the Big Apple is a real shopping paradise! There are regular sales, such as the annual summer and winter sale. In addition, there is often a sale around the holidays. Be careful at stores that have display signs that do not have prices listed. Never rely on texts such as “liquidation”, “last days” or “going out of business”. Especially electronics stores around Times Square are known to use these tricks. If you buy something from such a store, make sure that everything is in the original box, including the warranty card and manual.

Century 21 in New York

A favourite store for tourists to visit when in New York is Century 21, across from the 9/11 Memorial. There’s a second store on Broadway, between 66th and 67th Street. Since tourists don’t tend to know about this store, it is a lot quieter than the downtown location. It’s also possible to shop online at the Century 21 webshop and have your order delivered to your hotel (check with the hotel first to make sure they accept this).

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Black Friday Shopping

When you’re in New York at the end of November you’re lucky, as you can then enjoy the Black Friday deals! Black Friday is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving and it’s the best day to go shopping in New York! Almost all shops offer special Black Friday deals. So if you’re planning on buying something specific in New York, you better wait for the great discounts on this shopping day.

Things to buy cheaper in New York than Canada

If you’re planning on going on a shopping spree during your trip, there are some products and brands that are especially worth checking out. Apple products like iPhones and iPads are usually cheaper in the US. And also buying clothes in New York of well-known brands like Levi’s and GAP is often cheaper than in Canada. Especially when you head to an outlet center, like Woodbury Common.

Finding Bargains in New York Black Friday Finding Bargains in New York Century 21

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