Free Entrance to MoMA New York

Free Entrance to MoMA New York

Free entrance to MoMA in New York is available to New York residents who can show proof of it. MoMA is one of the largest art museums in NYC and remains open late on the first Friday of every month for New Yorkers. For visitors who do not live in New York, it is not possible to get the MoMA free admission.

Instead you can buy your tickets for MoMA here

Pay What You Wish

Some museums in New York work with a pay-what-you-wish system. This means that a visitor chooses what he wants to pay for entry. The system is intended for residents, and often students, of New York. This way, people who do not have the money for a museum visit can still make a cultural trip and there is a moment for New Yorkers only.

Eric’s Tip: With a discount pass you can access almost all museums in New York. This way you can easily visit all your favourites without having to buy separate tickets. This will save you money.

MoMA in Discount Passes

When you are visiting New York, purchasing a discount pass is very convenient. It is not only cheaper than buying tickets for attractions and tours separately but it also saves you time and hassle. There are two types of discount passes in New York; day passes and attraction passes. With the New York Pass, the Sightseeing Day Pass, and the All-Inclusive Pass, you can visit MoMA and other attractions in a number of days of your own choice.

An attraction pass is valid for a limited number of attractions. This allows you to explore New York at your own pace. Buy the Sightseeing Flex Pass or the Explorer Pass to have access to MoMA.

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