Gansevoort Peninsula in New York

Gansevoort Peninsula in New York

Gansevoort Peninsula in New York is a park on the Hudson River. It’s part of Hudson River Park and a green oasis where people can unwind. This spot, where Pier 53 was once located, is now a great place to exercise, walk or lay back and relax on the first beach in Manhattan. Gansevoort Peninsula Park can be found near the Whitney Museum.

Gansevoort Peninsula in New York

Gansevoort Peninsula is situated next to the Whitney Museum in the Meatpacking District. This ecological park provides access to the water of the Hudson River via a beach and features a large sports field, fitness equipment that anyone can use, and a dog park where New Yorkers can let their four-legged friends play. Gansevoort Peninsula also has gardens to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Beach in New York

Gansevoort Peninsula is home to Manhattan’s first public beach. You can access it for free, but swimming is not permitted due to the poor water quality. This new beach in Manhattan has several sandy areas where you can soak up the sun and enjoy great views of Downtown Manhattan. From the north side of Gansevoort Peninsula, you can see out to Little Island.

Gansevoort Peninsula in New York - ParkGansevoort Peninsula in New York - Beach

Day’s End by David Hammons

In the river along the beach, you can see a piece of public artwork called Day’s End. David Hammons’ work forms the outline of an old warehouse on Pier 52 and was donated to Hudson River Park by the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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