New York Steak

New York Steak

Ordering a New York steak is a real New York experience and a treat. Like in the UK, there are distinction between the  the ways of cooking of it and this must be specified when you order. There are also so many cuts of meat to choose from, read more and find out where to eat your New York Steak here.

Different Steaks

Here are some important differences:

  • Rare, medium, and well-done: Cooked for a short time, cooked for a medium length, and cooked all the way through
  • T-bone steak: Steak with a t-shaped bone
  • Prime cut: First-class, finely marbled meat
  • New York cut: Rump steak cut above the rib
  • Sirloin: New York cut, but with rib
  • Tenderloin: Strip of the most tender meat on animal

A good steak is easy to find in New York. The chain restaurants, like Applebee’s and Friday’s (there are several branches of these throughout the city), offer a decent steak for an affordable price. If you are in the mood for an excellent steak, cooked to perfection and are willing to spend US$50 to $70 for it? Then go to Smith & Wollensky! Not only a great, dry aged steak but an impressive looking restaurant in Midtown East. Another location for a good quality steak is Wolfgang Steak House on Park Avenue. Established 4 decades ago, they know how to cook a steak! Finally another recommended place is Strip House. With a few locations across Manhattan, and a decent cocktail menu, you have the makings of a great night.

New York Steak - Wolfgangs Steakhouse

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