No Door Helicopter Tour in New York

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No Door Helicopter Tour in New York

The No Door Helicopter Tour in New York is a unique way to see the city. During this flight, you can take some really impressive photos of Manhattan. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, an adrenaline rush or if you have a special occasion to celebrate in New York, this helicopter flight is the ultimate activity. The helicopter doesn’t have any windows or doors, so you can literally dangle your legs over the city, if you dare, of course! Taking aerial photos of Manhattan is fantastic with this flight because there are no obstructions or window reflections. This is the best helicopter tour in New York for budding photographers and for anyone who is looking for that extra something special.

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No Door Helicopter Flight

From the air, you have an amazing view over New York. It is a fantastic opportunity to get a bird’s-eye view of the skyscrapers, Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. This flight will show you all of the highlights of Manhattan. In addition, without the doors, there is nothing to obscure your view. It even gives you the opportunity to make a great ‘shoe selfie’ with the Statue of Liberty literally at your feet! It is possible to secure all cameras, telephones and other loose objects with a cable, so don’t worry about dropping anything.

No Door Helicopter Tour in New York - Selfie No Door Helicopter Tour in New York - Statue of Liberty

Eric’s Tip: I have experienced quite a few regular helicopter tours in New York, so was very curious about this one. I loved it! It’s a whole different experience to the standard flights. Definitely an activity for ‘daredevils’, photographers or people who, just like me, have experienced the normal helicopter flights and want to try something a bit different.

No Door Helicopter Tour in New York Shoe Selfie

Practical Information

After booking you will receive a voucher by email, you can print this out or show it on your mobile phone as your ticket for the tour.

  • Departure Point: Kearny, New Jersey heliport
  • Departure Times: daily, including Sundays
  • Age restrictions: The minimum age for an open door seat is 12. Those under the age of 18 require parental consent.
  • How to get there? The cheapest way to get to Kearny heliport is with the PATH. From Journal Square station, you can take a Lyft or a taxi and you’ll be in 10 minutes at the heliport.
  • If you want to book this experience, be sure to choose the optional Doors-off Helicopter Flight

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