Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2023

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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Tree

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting is a big celebration in New York and there is a real ceremony beforehand. It gets very busy at Rockefeller Center during the ceremony, everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the Christmas tree. The ceremony is broadcast live on TV and watched by millions of Americans. You can expect to see a famous singer perform.


Rockefeller Christmas tree

The Rockefeller Christmas tree is decorated with more than 50,000 LED lights and the electrical wiring is longer than 8 kilometres! Turning on the lights of the Christmas tree is a real spectacle that is great to experience. The tree lighting ceremony will take place November 29th 2023

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Dinner Gala

The dinner gala tickets to see the spectacle are sold out every year, so be quick. With these tickets, you’re assured to have the best seats. From the elegant cafe, you will have a good view of the beautiful Christmas tree. Enjoy unlimited drinks and snacks while watching the tree being lit up.

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Keep in mind that without tickets you’ll stand outside for hours to get a spot to watch the show. The blocks surrounding the area are packed with people standing in the cold waiting, which also means getting around in the area is crazy, even on foot. Most New Yorkers that aren’t going to the show avoid it. In fact, the office buildings in Rockefeller Plaza close at lunchtime in order to help the employees get out of there safely.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Ice skating under the Christmas Tree

Under Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree an amazing ice rink will be set up. Ice skating there is not cheap but is a unique experience. The day before and after the ceremony, the ice rink is closed due to the set-up and dismantling of the stage. During the wintertime, you can go ice skating at Rockefeller Center every day.

Dyker Heights

If you can not get enough of the Christmas lights, you shouldn’t miss Dyker Heights. This area in Brooklyn is known for its over-the-top decorated houses. The best way to see all the lights is by taking a bus tour and finding all the exuberantly lit houses.

Can I attend the Rockefeller Tree Lighting?

Yes, you can, but keep in mind that it will be busy. The gates to Rockefeller Plaza usually open around 16:00, but people will line up early. Once the plaza is full, no more people will be let in. The plaza closes at 23:00 to be cleaned.

What is the best way to watch the Rockefeller Tree Lighting?

The best way to watch the Rockefeller Tree Lighting is by arriving very early or buying a special ticket. Read more here.

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