Swarovski in New York

Swarovski in New York

Swarovski in New York has a store located on Fifth Avenue. Named Swarovski on Fifth, the jewellery brand’s flagship store has two floors full of crystals. The colourful shop not only features jewellery but also tableware, sculptures and other home decorations. Among other things, the New York shop also has an iconic baseball cap encased in Swarovski crystals and other items from collaborations.

Swarovski in New York

The New York Swarovski store is definitely worth a visit, it is like walking through a small museum! You can admire the crystals the brand is known for downstairs through miniature dioramas. In addition, you will find special items from collaborations such as Disney and Marvel or have a look in the Creators Lab, where limited edition items can be found. Besides that, you can check out the current collection.

The nice thing about this shop is that you can find something in every price range. You can buy jewellery there for as little as $100. You will find the shop on Fifth Avenue; New York’s most famous shopping street.

Address: 680 Fifth Avenue

Eric’s Tip: “Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, visiting Swarovski on Fifth is well worth it! You can marvel at the interior and what is on offer in the shop.”

Swarovski in New York - Interior Swarovski in New York - Jewellery

Good to combine

You can combine a visit to the Swarovski shop with other attractions. For instance, you will find the shop near Rockefeller Center, which features Radio City Music Hall and the observation deck Top of the Rock, among others. On this route, you will also pass St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

If you want to visit Swarovski on Fifth and discover more of this area, you can do my Midtown walking route. During this walk, you will pass well-known and unknown places.

Tiffany’s and Swarovski

A few blocks away from Swarovski on Fifth Avenue is Tiffany’s; another well-known New York jewellery brand. As mentioned, you can also shop for jewellery here, but there are some differences between the two shops. For instance, at Tiffany’s, you will find more luxurious jewellery that often also falls into a higher price range than Swarovski. In addition, Tiffany & Co. works more often with diamonds, while Swarovski uses crystals more.

Swarovski in New York - Fifth Avenue

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