The Morgan Library & Museum in New York

The Morgan Library Museum in New York

The Morgan Library & Museum in New York is a treasure for anyone who loves literature, art or history. The Morgan was originally built in the early 20th century as a private library for collector J. Pierpont Morgan. Now, the impressive building on Madison Avenue is open to visitors, and you can see the extraordinary collection for yourself. Among other things, you will find handwritten sheet music by Bach and Mozart, the only surviving manuscript by Jane Austen and a signed document by Napoleon.

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The Morgan Library & Museum in New York

J. Pierpont Morgan started collecting literary and historical manuscripts, old books, drawings by famous artists and much more in 1890. He wanted a special place to collect all his items, and so a library was built next to his home in 1902. After his death, his son turned the Morgan Library into a museum so that the public could also see the collection.

The goal was for the building to look majestic yet feel intimate, and it worked out perfectly! As soon as I stepped into the space, I was impressed; it felt like I had landed on the set of a Harry Potter film.

The library itself has four different rooms in which you can see many extraordinary items. Rare books such as the handwritten manuscript of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, sketches and letters by Vincent van Gogh, and even a notebook from Isaac Newton.

Eric’s Tip: “I was highly impressed on my visit to the Morgan Library & Museum. The building is very beautiful, and there is a lot to see. Furthermore, the museum is ideally located in Midtown Manhattan, near the Empire State Building. Which makes it easy to combine the two!”

The Morgan Library Museum in New York - Unique collection

The building, which was later expanded, also houses a café, restaurant and Research Center. In the summer months, you can visit The Morgan Garden, the museum’s garden.

Practical Information

You may take photos inside unless otherwise indicated. Filming is not allowed.

  • Location: 225 Madison Avenue

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