Where to Find Public Bathrooms in New York

Public Bathrooms in New York

Public bathrooms in New York can be found throughout the city. It can be quite a relief to find a public restroom when you are exploring New York! That’s why I’ve included locations for all the public toilets in New York on my free Eric’s New York App. This way, you can always see where the nearest toilet is on your phone.

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Public Bathrooms in New York

There are many (partially) public and free toilets in New York that you can make use of when out and about in the city. At least once, every tourist has experienced being on holiday and finding that they or their travel buddy really needs to pee. And so begins the hassle of desperately looking for a toilet. So off they go, looking for the nearest cafe/lunch place or fast food restaurant. However, what if they’re travelling with a baby/child and need to change a diaper. In that case, a toilet that’s a little more spacious and clean is definitely preferential.

On my free Eric’s New York App, I collect all the public bathrooms in New York that I come across. Thanks to the GPS, which also works offline, you can always see where there is a toilet nearby.

Eric’s Tip: “Toilets in New York may also be referred to as ‘bathrooms’, ‘restrooms’ or even ‘lounges’. Always useful to know!”

Restrooms in New York Parks

You can find public restrooms in many parks in New York. The toilets are cleaned at least daily. These are often not the prettiest, but they’re definitely convenient. For me, the one in Bryant Park really stands out because there are fresh flowers every day and classical music playing.

Public Bathrooms in New York - ParksPublic Bathrooms in New York - Toilets

Restrooms in New York Hotels

Many hotels in New York have restrooms for everyone to use, even if you are not a guest there. These toilets are often located in the lobbies, but may be a bit hidden. You can always ask the hotel staff where the toilets can be found.

Restrooms in stores

If you are shopping in New York and need to go to the toilet, it’s good to know that many big shops like Macy’s and Bloomingdales provide toilets. Again, you can always ask for one.

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