Where to Find Public Bathrooms in New York?

Public Bathrooms in New York

There are many (partially) public and free toilets in New York that you can make use of. Everyone has experienced being on holiday and finding that you or your travel buddy really needs to go and you are desperately looking for a toilet. Surely you’ll go looking for the nearest cafe/lunch place or fast food restaurant. But it could be the case that you’re travelling with your baby/child and need to change a diaper. In that case, you will prefer a toilet that’s a little more spacious and clean.

This page shows the locations of public toilets, ones where you needn’t even buy a cup of coffee. If you have any suggestions, then please email me!

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Eric’s tip: It is good to know that wc’s/toilets may also be called, bathrooms, restrooms or even lounges in some of the fancier department stores.

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