Bayonne Cruise Port in New Jersey (Cape Liberty Cruise Port)

Bayonne Cruise Port in New Jersey Cape Liberty Cruise Port

Bayonne Cruise Port in New Jersey, officially called Cape Liberty Cruise Port, is the New York cruise terminal for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. Cruises depart and return to this cruise terminal in New Jersey.

The Bayonne Cruise Terminal is located in Bayonne, New Jersey, which is why Cape Liberty Cruise Port is often confused with Bayonne Cruise Port. Both names refer to the same cruise terminal.

Bayonne Cruise Port

When you take a cruise from New York, chances are the cruise ship will depart from Bayonne in New Jersey. This is where Cape Liberty Cruise Port, or Bayonne Cruise Port, can be found.

Departing from Bayonne Cruise Port

Prior to the cruise, you will receive a boarding time. This way, you will know exactly what time to be at the cruise terminal. This is done so that crowds at the terminal can be regulated. Everyone always arrives at Cape Liberty Cruise Port by car, taxi or some other transfer. In fact, it is not possible to get there by public transport.

When you arrive at the Cruise Port, you will hand over your suitcase outside the terminal to someone from the cruise ship. You continue inside for security and passport control, and you will then board the ship. Your suitcase will already be in your room on the cruise ship.

Bayonne Cruise Port in New Jersey (Cape Liberty Cruise Port) - Cruise terminal Bayonne Cruise Port in New Jersey (Cape Liberty Cruise Port) - Transfer

Arriving at Bayonne Cruise Port

A few days before you return to the Bayonne Cruise Port, you will be told on the cruise itself around what time you may disembark the ship.

The night before arrival, you can choose to have your luggage collected. If you choose this option, be sure to keep any items you still need with you. When you disembark the next morning, you will collect your suitcases in the terminal. You can easily find your suitcase with your deck or room number.

You can also choose to bring your own suitcase when you disembark. The process may take a little longer, however.

When you disembark from the cruise ship, collect your luggage if necessary and then continue your journey. On your return, there are no customs or other security checks. Within half an hour, you will be completely ready to leave.

Transfer to and from Bayonne, New Jersey

If you are travelling to Cape Liberty Cruise Port from Manhattan or vice versa, keep in mind that the drive may take some time because the port is quite far from the city.

This is why I don’t recommend taking a yellow cab. This is not only because you are crossing a state border and the taxi may therefore charge a special rate, but also because there is often a long queue of cars in front of the terminal before a cruise leaves. You can’t get out at this point and the meter keeps running, which can also increase the price of the taxi ride.

Personally, I find a chauffeured ‘car service’ most convenient. You will be picked up at the doorstep of your hotel in Manhattan and taken directly to the Bayonne Cruise Port. Arranging everything in advance ensures that you won’t face any unexpected costs.

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Of course, when you get off the cruise, you won’t be alone. Because there is no public transport to and from the cruise port, everyone relies on taxis and other transfers. This can make it difficult to get a taxi, or an Uber or Lyft. This is another reason it’s convenient to arrange a transfer in advance, so you can continue your trip worry-free.

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Bayonne Cruise Port in New Jersey (Cape Liberty Cruise Port) - Manhattan

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