Christmas in New York 2021

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Christmas in New York is enchanting. Americans love to decorate their homes, and the shops extravagantly adorn their window displays with festive decorations. The city is always beautifully illuminated, but during Christmas, it is like a fairy tale.

Christmas Day is celebrated on the same day as they celebrate it in Canada. Christmas Eve is the night before Christmas Day. It is good to know that Americans do not celebrate Boxing Day, this is something typically Canadian.

What can you expect during Christmas?

At Christmas, families come together to share a meal and drinks and give each other gifts. Opening presents on Christmas Day is definitely the main event for American households. If you would like to eat out, I suggest making reservations well ahead of time, as all restaurants will be fully booked weeks, or even months, in advance. I can recommend Milos Wine Bar, Peter Luger Steakhouse, Marseille or Bryant Park Grill. If you’re visiting New York with a larger group, the Italian family restaurant Carmine’s is a nice place to go to. Most shops, even big department stores, are closed on Christmas Day, so keep this in mind.

Christmas Eve in New York

During Christmas Day many restaurants are often fully booked, New Yorkers go out and have dinner outside the house, but this is not the case for Christmas Eve. Are you in New York during Christmas? Then focus on Christmas Eve. Of course, it is worth trying to book a restaurant for Christmas but if don’t manage to get a table, then go out for dinner on Christmas Eve.

Eric’s Tip: To be sure of a good dining experience, you can also book a Luxury Christmas Eve Dinner Cruise. During the dinner cruise, you have a beautiful view of New York City and you can enjoy the food onboard. Another great option for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day is an evening of ice skating at Rockefeller Center with a rink side dinner at The Sea Grill!

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Christmas Day in New York

On Christmas Day in New York, it’s nice to just take a walk around town. You can do this through the city itself, but also in Central Park. During your walk, you can always take time to go ice skating, which is a great experience!

If you want to enjoy a nice dinner on this festive day and, at the same time, admire the beautiful skyline of Manhattan, I recommend the Christmas Day Brunch Cruise. In addition, there’s an option to book premium tickets for this cruise, which then gives you access to the outdoor top deck.

Note: The Statue of Liberty is closed on Christmas Day

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Will it snow in New York during Christmas?

In general it is not very cold in New York in December. The chances are therefore small that it will snow during the holidays. But the Christmas spirit in New York is no less!

Can I go out for dinner with Christmas in New York?

Dining in one of the New York restaurants is a fun way to spend your Christmas. There are several recommended restaurants for Christmas in New York. Just make sure to book well in advance. On Christmas Eve, a dinner cruise is great for a cosy Christmas dinner.

Are the shops open with Christmas in New York?

Many shops, even large department stores, are closed on Christmas Day. This also applies to many attractions. Fun activities for Christmas include ice skating or taking a (dinner) cruise.

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