From JFK Airport to a hotel in New Jersey

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From JFK Airport to a Hotel in New Jersey

If you are flying to JFK but are staying in New Jersey,  you have quite the trip ahead of you. Depending on where you need to be in New Jersey, there are a number of options. You could take the train to, for example, Jersey City. However you would need to change three times and then take a taxi to your hotel.

Taxi from JFK to New Jersey

I would not advise taking a cab because, as JFK is located in a different state than New Jersey, taxi drivers can charge a special rate. On top of that, they often drive through busy Manhattan which can lead to fares as high as US$150 – $200. Booking a car service or van with a driver beforehand is a better option and much cheaper. You know the price (excl. toll and tips) before you leave and if you are travelling with more people, it’s an affordable option.

Book your car service or van beforehand here

Follow the steps below to book a car service or a van

  1. Fill in JFK and your flight details and choose Meeting Area “International (Outside Only)”
  2. Fill in New Jersey and the address
  3. Fill in the date and pick-up time. (You can just fill in your arrival time and they check when you arrive and at which gate).
  4. Chose the desired car
  5. Fill in your details and select the method of payment, I recommend you to choose the “cash” option, you’ll pay cash to the driver.
  6. Fill in your phone number
  7. Confirm your booking and you will receive your confirmation email

Do not forget to also book your trip back to avoid any problems

Are you travelling from a different airport?

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