From JFK Airport to The Bronx

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From JFK Airport to The Bronx

It’s easy to book your JFK Airport to The Bronx Transfer before you leave. There are various transfer options from JFK Airport to The Bronx. Travelling by train or subway is inconvenient, as you will have to change at least twice, in some cases more. This method of transfer can easily take two hours. Shuttle buses don’t go as far as The Bronx.

Taxi from JFK Airport to The Bronx

You could take a taxi but there are no fixed rates for this route like there are when you transfer to Manhattan. A taxi to The Bronx could therefore cost anything from $90 to $130, depending on your exact destination. If you want a comfortable transfer and to know the cost prior to your journey, I recommend booking a private transfer below before you travel. This way you know exactly what to expect and you don’t have to worry about making arrangements on the spot. If travelling with four or more passengers, this form of transport is definitely the cheapest.

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