From Newark Airport to The Bronx

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From Newark Airport to The Bronx

If you land at Newark Airport and are travelling to The Bronx, you are going from New Jersey to New York. The fact that you are crossing state lines makes it very expensive to take a taxi for this route. This can cost between $110 and $130, depending on your exact destination. If you want to travel from Newark to The Bronx with public transport, you will need to go to Manhattan first and from there take the subway to The Bronx. This is very inconvenient and takes a lot of time.

Newark Airport Transportation

I recommend that you arrange your transfer via the below link. Booking your private transfer in advance is very easy and good value for money. It also enables you to know, beforehand exactly how much you are spending on the transfer, regardless of the traffic conditions on the day. When you are travelling with four or more passengers from Newark to The Bronx, a private transfer is definitely the cheapest option.

Book your transfer to The Bronx in advance here

Follow the below steps to book your transfer

  1. Fill in Newark Airport and your flight details in and in the Meeting Area field, select “International (Outside only)”.
  2.  Fill in Bronx and then the address (for Opera House Hotel choose at Town/Section for Mott Haven).
  3.  Fill in the date and pick-up time (you can just fill in the arrival time of your flight, they keep an eye on when your flight arrives).
  4.  Choose the car.
  5.  Fill in your details and choose the payment method. I recommend choosing the cash option, then you pay cash in the car itself.
  6.  Fill in your telephone number, but in the “Special Requests” repeat your telephone number with the international code e.g.: “Hello, my phone number is 0031 6 111 222 333”.
  7.  Confirm your order and check that you have received the confirmation email.

Don’t forget to book your return transport to the airport

Are you travelling from a different airport?

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