Gluten free in New York

Gluten Free in New York

I get many questions on how easy it is to eat gluten free in New York. New York is a big city filled with diverse dietary requirements, so servers will not be surprised if you request gluten free dishes in restaurants. Quite often, there will be a variety of gluten free dishes on the menu, or the standard dishes can be adapted to suit your needs. However, there also are restaurants and bakeries that are known to be partially or entirely gluten free. I have made a selection of them for you here.

Gluten free Supermarkets

There are a few supermarkets in New York that offer a great variety of gluten-free products. Definitely check out Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Both chains have multiple locations across Manhattan. These supermarkets are not cheap, but you will be able to find anything you need there.

Gluten-free Food Tour

On the gluten-free tour, you will be taken to eateries where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch. Meanwhile, your tour guide will show you the highlights and hidden corners of Central Park.

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Gluten free Restaurants

You’ll be surprised at how many special gluten free restaurants there are in New York. And almost every restaurant has gluten-free options, so there’s plenty to choose from! I’ve listed some gluten-free restaurants, per neighbourhood below.

Eric’s Tip: “Don’t forget to always inform the staff that you’d like to eat gluten free, especially if you are coeliac.”


Pappardella (316 Columbus Avenue)
Lilli and Loo (792 Lexington Avenue)
TAP NYC (267 Columbus Avenue)


Nizza (630 9th Avenue)
The Little Beet Table (333 Park Avenue S)
Bistango (415 3rd Avenue)


Senza Gluten (206 Sullivan Street)
Wild (535 Hudson Street)
Risotteria Melotti NYC (309 E 5th Street)

Gluten free bakeries

It would be a shame if you couldn’t taste a New York cupcake or donut due to the gluten intolerance. Luckily there are a lot of bakeries that also sell their delicacies gluten free. Here are a few of them:

Erin McKenna’s Bakery (28 Broome Street)
By the Way Bakery (2442 Broadway)
Noglu (1266 Madison Avenue)
Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery (338 E 11th Street)

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