Halloween Parties in New York 2024

Halloween Parties in New York

Halloween parties in New York take place at the end of October. Halloween is a popular holiday that is widely celebrated in America. Weeks before, houses are decorated with skeletons and spiderwebs and on the day itself, children knock on the doors to collect as much candy as possible. Halloween is a great holiday for adults too, and in New York there are many parties taking place. Party goers don their spookiest outfits and hit the trendiest bars and clubs to celebrate Halloween, and you can join them!

Halloween in New York tickets

On the weekend before Halloween, and sometimes on the day itself, there are Halloween parties at various locations in New York. Throw on your best Dracula or zombie costume and party with the New Yorkers in famous rooftop bars and clubs. Usually on a Saturday night, there are long queues outside the clubs and no promise of even getting in. But, with a reasonably priced ticket to a Halloween party you’ll have guaranteed access to these parties. Sometimes, with a drink included. For example, you can join the Witches’ Ball at Ascent Lounge with great music, a premium open bar and beautiful views of Central Park.

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Eric’s Tip: Most Halloween parties take place on the Saturday before Halloween. However, there are also parties on the Friday before, and on the day itself. So, be careful when booking that you select tickets for the right date.

House of Spirits

Celebrate Halloween in a haunted mansion with cocktails. Enjoy a night filled with magic, tarot reading, Ouija boards and roaming spectators. Come face to face with the ghosts of the disturbed patients of the psychiatrist who used to live in the house. House of Spirits is an immersive experience located in Downtown Manhattan, inspired by the final days of Grigori Rasputin, the ancient god Veles, and other Slavic folktales throughout the centuries.

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Halloween themed cruises

It’s not only rooftop bars and clubs that host Halloween parties in New York, you can also buy tickets for a terrifying night to remember on a yacht. So put on your best costume and get ready to dance and sip away while enjoying the views of the New York skyline.

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