New Year’s Eve in New York 31-12-2021

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Spending New Year’s Eve in New York is the dream of many. New York is famous for its parties and the New Year’s Eve ceremony on Times Square. Whether you’re young or a bit older, with friends or young kids, New York has something in store for everyone. Don’t want to stay in a bar or club all night? New York has many other options to celebrate the New Year, at Central Park for example, or on a boat tour!

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop on Times Square

The world-famous New Year’s Eve Ball Drop ceremony takes place every year on Times Square. Hundreds of thousands of people gather to watch a giant ball drop from the One Times Square building. As the ball lands at midnight, the crowd bursts out in celebration. This looks amazing on TV but in reality, the experience is not so nice. First of all, it is in the middle of the winter and it gets very cold in New York. To get a good spot, people arrive there 12–18 hours prior to the event. Imagine standing in the cold without any toilets available. That is a lot of trouble for an activity that lasts for 10 seconds. There is no party afterwards (at 00:15 a.m. Times Square is empty because everyone goes looking for a bathroom), there are no fireworks that go off on Times Square and it’s forbidden to drink alcohol on the streets. So my advice is to skip the ceremony.

New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop Party

A normal ticket for a New Year’s Eve party in a bar or restaurant costs between US$250-$500. One of these parties is the New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop Party. Tickets do sell out fast despite being pricey.

Buy your tickets for the New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop Party here

New Year’s Eve in New York Crowd on Times Square

Best New Year’s Eve option: Boat Tours

The best way to have a good time on New Year’s Eve in New York is by taking a boat tour. It won’t be a typical boat tour but rather a New Year’s Eve party on a boat, overlooking Manhattan and watching the fireworks above the Hudson River at midnight while sipping champagne. There are different boat tours you can choose from on New Year’s Eve, some include dinner or a live DJ, while others are more luxurious. All of them include an open bar, champagne toast at midnight and a great time is guaranteed.

View all the available New Year’s Eve Boat Tours here

New Year’s Eve Parties

New York always has a lively nightlife, imagine the craziness during New Year’s Eve! For anyone who wants to celebrate the New Year dancing, there is an abundance of parties to choose from. I made a personal selection and categorised them based on age/group-type. If you are celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York without any plans, chances are you will plunge into the new year highly disappointed. You can’t just show up last minute; if you manage to get a ticket at all, you’ll end up paying double. The best thing to do is to make sure you secure your tickets as early as possible.

Take a look at my personal favourites here and book tickets directly

Central Park on New Year’s Eve

Families spending New Year’s Eve in New York should head to Central Park. Children of all ages can enjoy the celebrations there. Fireworks are launched at midnight from Bow Bridge-Cherry Hill, at the centre of Central Park (situated between 71st and 74th Streets), and they can be seen from most spots in Central Park.

Eric’s Tip: Taking a boat tour is the best thing to do in my opinion, you have a great view of the fireworks without the crowds. The boats usually get back at around 01:00 a.m. Finding a taxi on New Year’s Eve will be a nightmare. Instead, take the subway that runs 24 hours a day and you can use your MetroCard.

New Year’s Eve in New York Decorations

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