Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Newark Airport is located in the state of New Jersey. It is New York City’s second international airport. Officially, the airport near New York is called Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

Newark Liberty Airport is about 17 Miles (28 km) from Manhattan. There are several transfer options to travel from the airport in New Jersey to New York, and vice versa. Read more about the airport and all the transfer options available.


Landing at Newark Airport

When you land at Newark Airport, you need to get through customs. The waiting time at this New York airport depends on the number of flights arriving at the same time. It usually takes about an hour to get through customs.

Newark Liberty International Airport has three terminals: A, B and C. Each terminal is connected to the Newark Airport AirTrain. AirTrain Newark runs from Terminal A, via Terminal B to Terminal C and then towards the train station, and back. At the train station, you can transfer to the New Jersey Transit train.

Eric’s Tip: “For the outbound flight, it is nice to sit on the left side of the plane. This way, you will have a better chance of seeing the Manhattan skyline during landing. I cannot promise that this will always be the case.”

Arriving in the United States, all travellers must go through customs. Several people can go through customs at the same time. During this passport control, you will be photographed and fingerprinted. You will also be asked a few questions, such as the purpose of your trip and how long you will stay in New York. After customs, you can collect your luggage from the belt and continue your journey towards New York.

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Transfer from Newark Airport to Manhattan

There are several ways for you to travel from Newark Airport to Manhattan. For instance, you can book a private transfer in advance, take the New Jersey Transit train towards Manhattan or arrange a shared shuttle bus. You can see all the available options in Eric’s Transfer Planner.

Transfer from New Jersey

Because Newark Airport is located in New Jersey, a different state from New York, transfer options are slightly different. Namely, you have to cross a state border. Thus, there are no iconic yellow cabs in New Jersey and there is no subway connection to New York. Before your trip, check out the different options.

Eric’s Tip: “Taking a taxi is an iconic start to your trip to New York, except that there are no yellow cabs in New Jersey. Taxis here look different from those in New York. Besides, it is quite pricey to take a taxi to Manhattan. Taking one of the other transfer options is more economical.”

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Departures from Newark Airport

After travelling from Manhattan to Newark Airport, you can check in your luggage (if any) and go through customs. After the passport control and security check, you can then use various facilities at the terminal, such as restaurants and shops.

Several airlines fly from Newark International Airport. United Airlines flies from Terminal C. For flights with Porter and Delta Airlines, you need to be at Terminal B. For flights with AirCanada and American Airlines, you need to be at Terminal A. Always check in advance which terminal you are flying from.

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