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Titanique on Broadway tickets

Buy Titanique on Broadway tickets before travelling to New York. Buying theatre tickets online is easy and saves you time and money. Do you want to know what really happened to Jack and Rose on that fateful night the Titanic sank? Find out during this entertaining and funny musical parody, now on view at the Daryl Roth Theatre.

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A New Life for Jack and Rose

The story begins when Céline Dion hijacks a tour of the Titanic Museum and tells visitors her wild interpretation of the story. See how all of this reshapes the characters on stage, and listen to some of the iconic songs from the film Titanic. It’s a musical journey full of nostalgia!

🎵 My Heart Will Go On 🎵

The musical premiered in Los Angeles, but the show quickly made its way to New York, where it originally ran in a small off-Broadway theatre. Thanks to its success, Titanique can now be seen on a bigger Broadway stage. It has also won several awards, including the Lucille Lortel Award. The musical is full of well-known songs, including some by Céline Dion.

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How to buy Titanique on Broadway Tickets?

It is easy to buy tickets for Titanique with the link below. I recommend buying tickets online before your trip to New York. Why? You will save time and money and most importantly you don’t have to stress about finding tickets when you are in New York. A lot of shows are very popular and are often sold out.

Buying a ticket is simple:
  • Click on the link and select the date you want to go
  • Fill in your information and pay
  • Check your email for the confirmation

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Eric’s Tip: “Titanique is a true parody of the famous Titanic story. It is difficult to compare. You’ll hear some of the Celine Dion songs but with a wink. This musical is sure to make you laugh.”

Show Information

  • Minimum age: Recommended for ages 12+. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.
  • Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Location: Daryl Roth Theatre, 101 East 15th Street
  • Accessibility:

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