TSX Broadway

TSX Broadway

TSX Broadway is a skyscraper in Times Square that houses shops, a hotel, and the Palace Theatre, one of Times Square’s oldest theatres. The unique TSX Times Square has 46 floors and is located between 46th and 47th Street, opposite the famous Red Stairs. Furthermore, this entertainment complex has the largest outdoor terrace in Times Square and a unique indoor and outdoor performance venue.

TSX Broadway will open fully in 2024

TSX Broadway

The first floors of TSX Broadway are full of shops that can be reached directly from Times Square. Above the shops you can find the Entertainment Stage, and behind it, the historic Palace Theatre. The entire exterior of the building is covered with screens, displaying the biggest advertisements in Times Square. But more than that, you can also appear on the big billboard! Using the TSX app, you can upload a 15-second video and have it displayed on the screen. This can be done for as little as $40, with prices varying according to time and crowds.

It is also possible to dine at TSX Broadway’s Entertainment House, which is also home to Times Square’s largest outdoor terrace. The floors above the Entertainment House make up the hotel.

Theatres in TSX Broadway

TSX Broadway has two theatres; the more than 100-year-old Palace Theatre and the Entertainment Stage. During construction, the old Palace Theatre was lifted three floors and nine metres. The interior of the theatre, as well as the lobby and backstage area, were also refurbished. This allows Broadway shows to be played there!

On the other side of the Palace Theatre is the Entertainment Stage. The space, which is at a height of nine metres, can be used for performances. With 150 seats, the theatre creates a very intimate atmosphere. What makes it impressive is that the theatre can become visible to the whole of Times Square with its automatic large doors. This allows brands to create unique advertisements.

TSX Broadway - Theatre

Tempo By Hilton New York Times Square

The TSX Broadway hotel has nearly 700 rooms, with floor-to-ceiling windows. From the Tempo By Hilton New York Times Square, you will have great views of the streets of New York or Times Square. You’ll be on ‘The Crossroads of the World’ as soon as you leave the hotel. The outside terrace also has a view of Times Square.

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