Victoria’s Secret in New York

Victoria’s Secret in New York

Victoria’s Secret in New York is the best place for shopping for lingerie, so I’ve heard. Victoria’s Secret is a popular lingerie brand throughout the US. Known not just for lingerie, but also for women’s clothing and beauty products. Victoria’s Secret is known for its pink shopping bags, annual fashion shows, quality, and service. Whatever it is you buy, you will always get it in a pink shopping bag. There are always offers, (like 3 panties for $15) but Victoria’s Secret, in general, is not a cheap brand. While the dollar exchange rate still remains favourable, it’s cheaper to get some stuff in the United States rather than in the U.K.

Victoria’s Secret New York – largest stores

There are 20 stores in New York, eight of which are in Manhattan, so it won’t be difficult to find one. At The Mills at Jersey Gardens, you can even find an outlet. Two of the largest Victoria’s Secret stores in New York are located on Herald Square, opposite Macy’s, and at 640 Fifth Avenue. The flagship store on Fifth Avenue has four floors and is actually the largest Victoria’s Secret store in the world!

Victoria’s Secret in New York Collection Victoria’s Secret in New York Lingerie

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