Best Breweries in New York

Best Breweries in New York

Breweries in New York are the perfect destination for a fun afternoon or evening among New York locals. Any beer buff can indulge themselves in the city as there are so many amazing breweries to be found. From historic New York breweries to modern brewhouses experimenting with unusual flavours, the taprooms of these top breweries offer something for everyone! I’m a real beer lover, so I have listed all my favourite breweries in New York – some for the tasty beer and others for the cozy atmosphere of the location and the local people who frequent them. Cheers!


Best Breweries in New York

The best breweries in New York can be found in Brooklyn and Queens. In the past, there were lots of German and Austrian immigrants in the area, who were already brewing their own beer. At one point, 10% of all beer in America was brewed in Brooklyn. It is still a place where New Yorkers can enjoy delicious beer.

Eric’s Tip: “Breweries are a cozy place for New Yorkers to have a drink, and they compare well with bars in Canada. On weekends, in particular, New Yorkers love going to breweries with their friends, but also often with their children. So, they are also places where few tourists come and you can get to know ‘real New Yorkers’.”

Brooklyn Brewery

New York’s largest and best-known brewery is Brooklyn Brewery, and it is truly iconic. This brewery in Williamsburg is one of my favourites; the beer hall is always cozy, and you can see a lot of the brewing process. Founded in 1988, the Brooklyn Brewery in New York is best known for its brewing process. The brewmasters, who have won many awards, combine traditional with modern, giving the beers a full-bodied flavour. Their most popular beer is Brooklyn Lager, which is definitely worth trying!

Location: 79 North 11th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Best Breweries in New York - Brooklyn Brewery Best Breweries in New York - Brooklyn Brewery inside

Fifth Hammer Brewing Company

This brewery in Long Island City is a hip place; you will be sitting in a garage surrounded by beer barrels. The selection changes all the time, but there are always all kinds of beer to choose from. Fifth Hammer Brewing Company focuses on creativity, so they always offer unique flavours. Besides having nice beers, they also organise a lot of events, such as music and game nights.

Location: 10-28 46th Avenue in Long Island City, Queens

Best Breweries in New York - Fifth Hammer Brewing Company

Rockaway Brewing Company

Rockaway Brewing Company started in Rockaway Beach, hence the name, but all their beer is now made in Long Island City. This microbrewery in New York is known for its craft beers which combine all kinds of flavours. You can have one of the beers on tap or a flight of beers which lets you sample a little bit of everything.

Location: 46-01 5th Street in Long Island City, Queens

Best Breweries in New York - Rockaway Brewing Company Best Breweries in New York - Rockaway Brewing Company inside

TALEA Beer Co.

TALEA Beer Co. has several locations in New York, but their bar in Williamsburg is my favourite. This beer brand was founded by two women who felt that the beer market did not always cater to everyone, and they wanted to change that. Their beers are not so bitter and have fruity flavours. When you walk past TALEA, you won’t immediately realise it’s a brewery, but it’s definitely worth walking in!

Location: 87 Richardson Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Eric’s Tip: “Many top breweries in New York can be found in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. It’s not only fun to get to know the breweries and their beers, but also these neighbourhoods in Brooklyn. You can do this with the Williamsburg – Greenpoint walking route found on my Eric’s New York App!

EBBS Brewing Co.

EBBS Brewing Co. in Williamsburg is a great place for a good time! Their range includes an array of tasty local beers such as IPAs, stouts and ales. This brewery in Brooklyn focuses on innovation and creativity, which is also reflected in the interior and packaging. It is a place where friends come together to enjoy a cozy atmosphere.

Location: 182 North 8th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


You can find almost any kind of beer at Tørst! This Danish beer bar has more than 20 beers on tap and more than 200 types of canned beer on the menu. In addition, you can order various snacks to go with your beer. If you’re not so into beer, they also serve great wine and cocktails! The interior has a Scandinavian twist, making it look sleek and modern.

Location: 615 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Other Half Brewing

This brewery can be found in Domino Park, Williamsburg, and is beautifully located near the water. You can sample a beer they already have on the menu or try one of their experimentations in the taproom. Other Half Brewing was founded by three friends who wanted to make beer that they wanted to drink themselves, brewed by a company they wanted to belong to. What I really appreciate is that they work with locals, which means they also contribute to the local community.

Location: 34 River Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Best Breweries in New York - Other Half Brewing

Rooftop Bars in New York

If you want to enjoy a beer with a view of New York, there are a number of breweries that have a rooftop terrace!

Greenpoint Beer and Ale

Greenpoint Beer and Ale is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. From the brewery’s rooftop terrace, which features a stained-glass water tank, you can look out over Greenpoint. This brewery is a place where many locals hang out. You can also pick up a game to play. I really like the fact that their beers have funny names!

Location: 1150 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Best Breweries in New York - Greenpoint Beer and Ale Best Breweries in New York - Greenpoint Beer and Ale rooftop

Berry Park

Berry Park is not really a brewery but rather a beer garden. You can drink all kinds of beer here, which is often served in mugs. You can also see the Manhattan skyline from the rooftop terrace. It is a cozy spot in summer, but if the weather is bad, you can also sit inside, where there is a lovely atmosphere.

Location: 4 Berry Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Beer Gardens in New York

Beer gardens (aka Biergarten) are very popular among Americans, and many of them can be found in New York. There are quite a few with a German theme; you can find pretzels and bratwurst, for example. Beer gardens do not brew their own beers but often serve beers from local breweries.

Radegast Hall & Biergarten

Radegast Hall is a beer garden in Williamsburg that offers a great selection of different types of beer, fresh from the barrel or poured from the bottle. I can highly recommend the food from the grill. There is often live music and many locals can be found here on weekends or after work. Radegast Hall offers everything you expect from a biergarten: a great atmosphere, delicious food and many different types of beer. There is something for every beer lover!

Location: 113 North 3rd Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Best Breweries in New York - Radegast Hall Biergarten

The Standard Biergarten

The Standard Biergarten is part of the Standard Hotel and is located directly underneath High Line Park. You really feel like you’re in Germany for a moment here because of the typical wooden benches and the food on offer. The beer selection is great and so is the atmosphere.

Location: 848 Washington Street in Meatpacking District, Manhattan

Best Breweries in New York - The Standard Biergarten

Beer Tour in New York

Want to dive deeper into the beers and breweries of New York? Then you can join the Brooklyn brewery and beer tour! On this tour, you will visit beer hotspots with a guide and learn all about the brewing process.

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