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Flying to New York from Canada doesn’t have to be very expensive. If you book on time and avoid peak travel times, you can find return tickets for as little as CA$270, depending on where you travel from. Read on for all of my tips.

New York has three airports: John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA) and Newark (EWR), which is located in the state of New Jersey. Most international flights land at JFK or Newark, while domestic flights often arrive at LaGuardia. Manhattan is easy to reach from all airports, with transfer options also available to other boroughs.


Flights from Canada to New York

Planning a trip to New York usually begins with the search for suitable flights. Many airlines offer direct flights from Canadian airports to New York. Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver all offer direct flights to New York. The average flight time, for example, from Toronto to New York the flight time is just over 1 hour and 45 min. However, wind and weather conditions can make the flight time longer.

Are you travelling to New York with small children? A direct flight instead of a long bus ride can save you nerves and therefore be worth the price.

Major Airlines Operate Flights from Canada to New York City:

  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Delta
  • Porter
  • WestJet
  • United Airways

Air Canada is the only carrier that operates flights to all of the three airports in New York City: LaGuardia (LGA), John F. Kennedy International (JFK) and Newark Liberty (EWR). Most carriers fly to LaGuardia Airport but do check with the various carriers.

When is the best time to fly to New York?

New York doesn’t have a ‘high season’ per se. However, the ‘holiday months’ (late November and all of December) and other public holidays in New York, such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, are certainly much busier than the rest of the year. Therefore, flights during this time are more expensive. On the other hand, January and February could be considered the ‘low season’ as New York is a little less crowded due to the freezing temperatures. April and September are the best months to visit when taking both price and temperature into consideration. You can find more tips on when to travel by weather in New York here.

Tips for cheap flight tickets to New York

Last-minute flights are rarely cheap, so if possible try to book at least 4-6 months in advance. If not, at least six weeks before you travel. Look out for campaigns directly on the website of the airline.

Flexibility is key when looking to save money on flights. In addition to deciding to fly during a cheaper month, the day of the week on which you fly is also decisive.

As a general tip, it’s usually cheaper to fly on a Monday instead of a Sunday and a Thursday compared to a Friday. You can also save money by travelling early in the morning or late in the evening instead of during the day.

Price for return ticket to New York:

  • Cheap: CA$270 – 375 (If you see a ticket at this price, book immediately. You will see these prices mostly from January to March.)
  • Average: CA$375 – 500 (You can expect to see these prices from October to May.)
  • Expensive: CA$500 and upwards (Especially in the summer months and during holidays, ticket prices rise.)

You can compare prices on different websites to book your flights. Another option is to book flight and hotel combination packages on Expedia, for example. The hotel offers are clearly marked in the search results and you can narrow down the results, for example, by customer satisfaction.

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Flying to New York -

Keep an eye on the various deals available at In addition to flights, you can book flight and hotel combination packages on Expedia.

Eric’s Tip: “You can also take a bus from Canada to New York. This journey takes 11-12 hours and is often less expensive. Or take the train from Montréal to New York.”

Essential before departure

Besides booking your flight, it is also necessary to arrange a number of other things before departure. For instance, find a hotel that meets your requirements and fits your budget. I have tested a lot of hotels in New York, so I know what the hotel deals worth booking are.

It is also useful to book a transfer from the airport to your hotel. Whichever airport you’re flying into, there is always an option to book a transfer to your accommodation. Find the best alternatives for you by using my New York Transfer Planner. This way, you can start your trip worry-free!

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