Free Wi-Fi in New York

Wi-Fi in New York

Using Wi-Fi in New York (wireless internet) is very handy if you want to quickly check emails, visit or to share something on Facebook! Luckily, there are many places in New York where free internet is available. It’s possible to surf in parks, hotels and even subway stations. Wi-Fi is available in a lot of (fast food) restaurants, bars and diners. Almost every McDonald’s, Starbucks or Applebee’s has a Wi-Fi network available. Old phone booths have also been converted into Wi-Fi spots.

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Wi-Fi in the subway stations in New York

There are a number of subway stations that offer free Wi-Fi including most stations on subway line 1 and C. Times Square, Columbus Circle and Rockefeller Center stations are a few of the many stations with Wi-Fi access. When you select the Wi-Fi network you will see an advertisement. Accept this advertisement if necessary after which you will be connected to the Internet. Note: the network is not available in the subway trains.

Wi-Fi in New York - Wi-Fi at 5th Avenue Station Wi-Fi in New York - Free-Wifi in the subway station

Wi-Fi at a phone booth

There were 12.000 phone booths in New York. Instead of removing all of them, some were converted into Wi-Fi hotspots. You can log in to the free Wi-Fi network from about 30 meters away. Connect with “LinkNYC Free WiFi”. To do so you’ll need to accept the terms and conditions.

Wi-Fi in the parks

In Central Park, High Line Park and Battery Park you can access the Wi-Fi without a login or a password. You only need to connect to have unlimited free internet. In Riverside Park, Bryant Park and Madison Square Park you can use 3 times 10 minutes worth of free internet (within 30 days). Also in Bryant Park, you can use the parks own network by accepting the terms and conditions. In Madison Square Park you can also use NYCwireless. Before use, you need to create an account (for free) and login via that account. In Union Square Park you can log in on Unionsquare Wi-Fi and utilise internet access throughout the park.

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