Best Coffee in New York

Best Coffee in New York

Coffee in New York is part of the lifestyle. New Yorkers grab a coffee to go at the start of their day and can be really demanding when it comes to their cup of caffeine. They have a long list of how many shots of espresso they want, what kind of syrups, which (plant-based) milk, or how they want the foam. So get your New York coffee and feel like a New Yorker from the start. During your trip, it is nice to sit down with one of the best coffees in New York and enjoy the bustle of the city. Below you can find my list of the best coffee shops in New York.

  1. Butler

    Among locals, Butler is a popular spot to get a morning coffee. Especially the branch on Water Street in Dumbo, which is located almost right under the Brooklyn Bridge, is a nice one to go to. Here you can get in the line between the Brooklynites, grab a coffee to go and bring it to Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is only a few steps away. They also have some good breakfast and lunch options to pair your coffee with.

    Best Coffee Shops and Bagel Bars in New York - Butler

  2. Felix Roasting Co.

    When you want to have a coffee break while shopping in SoHo, you can go to Felix Roasting Co. In addition to delicious coffee, you come here for the whole experience. This classy place looks more like a retro fashion store than a coffee shop. The coffee company makes its own syrups and lactose-free milk. Besides the coffee, the entourage is also very beautiful. The cheerful colours make it a paradise for Instagrammers. If you are hungry: sandwiches and sweets are served here as well.

    Best Coffee in New York Felix

  3. Gregorys Coffee

    Gregorys Coffee is founded in New York and can be seen as the Starbucks of the Big Apple. A lot of locals come here to get their cup of coffee. There are several locations in Manhattan, which makes it easy to find them. The personal touch makes it a place I often visit. Gregorys serves all kinds of drinks, but the iced coffees are extra nice on a summer day in New York. This New York coffee shop offers a lot of plant-based options for breakfast or lunch to go as well.

  4. Starbucks Reserve Roastery New York

    All across New York, you will find Starbucks, but the Starbucks Reserve Roastery has to be on the list. The roastery, located in the Meatpacking District, shows the process of roasting the company’s rarest and most special coffees. In the four-story roastery, you can have a bite to eat, delve into coffee crafts, take a tour, and of course taste the coffee yourself. Because they roast small-batch coffee crops, the coffee can only be tasted here and not at other Starbucks locations. If you are not into coffee, the bar also offers cocktails and various teas. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in New York is worth a visit.

  5. The Grey Dog

    The Grey Dog has a number of different locations in New York, but the one in SoHo is ideal for when out shopping in the neighbourhood. It is also a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee, in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu above the bar has been nailed to coloured wooden planks on the wall. That way, when you are waiting (especially if it is busy) you can figure out what you want to eat or drink beforehand. They have a large coffee selection, available in hot or cold varieties. It’s not cheap, but you do get a huge cup of coffee or tea for your money. If you want to enjoy lunch or dinner at The Grey Dog, be sure to order a dish with homemade fries.

    Eric’s Tip: The atmosphere at The Grey Dog is very relaxed. All locations have been quaintly decorated, they play good music and you’ll usually find a mixed but hip crowd.

    Best Coffee Shops and Bagel Bars in New York -Grey Dog

  6. Blue Bottle Coffee

    If you want to get your perfect coffee to go, head to Blue Bottle Coffee. They have locations all across the city and offer all kinds of coffee whether you like a strong coffee or a sweeter one, they’ll have it for you! They serve the coffee in a special way, for a better taste they brew the coffee by hand. Not only do New Yorkers like it; the minimalist-looking coffee shop also has locations in Japan and Korea.

  7. Irving Farm

    This has to be one of the cutest coffee shops in New York. Thanks to both the extremely friendly staff and the customers, the atmosphere is always lovely. The service is perfect: your cappuccino will be dusted with a coco heart and your order will be delivered to your table; even if you order at the bar. There is plenty of room to sit – downstairs or upstairs and there is free WiFi. Enjoy a wide range of coffees at Irving Farm, both iced or hot. There is a small vitrine of freshly-baked muffins, brownies and chocolate croissants (recommended!). During the day you can also enjoy a small selection of sandwiches and bagels, and at night you can treat yourself to a cheese platter and wine.

    Best Coffee Shops and Bagel Bars in New York -Irving Farm

  8. Mudspot

    Mud is known in New York for its homemade coffee with very high caffeine content. Perfect for ‘the city that never sleeps’ of course. You can order an original cup of Mud, but the Mud Mocha is also very good. No need for a caffeine boost? You can still be adventurous with an Almond Latte or a Mint Mochaccino, and not get the jitters. Because the coffee is strong, every table has a free bottle of water. There is also an elaborate menu with breakfast and brunch options. All the dishes have a South American influence. For something sweet, you should check out the vitrine at the bar with a selection of delicious muffins. In the summer, the garden is open so you can enjoy your food outside.

Where can I find the best coffee in New York?

You can find places to buy coffee anywhere in New York. This is my list of the best coffee shops in New York.
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