New York 8 day Itinerary

A New York 8 day itinerary can help you organise your week in New York. Eight days is a nice length of time to visit New York. You have enough time to see all the famous attractions, as well as being able to spend a day on a tour or outlet shopping. Take a bus to Woodbury Common Outlet Center, discover the highlights of Washington D.C. or even pay a visit to Boston!

Eric’s Tip: If you’re going to New York for an 8 day trip, I recommend buying a discount pass. This is easy and great value for money. The New York Sightseeing Flex Pass is a good option if your day trip falls in the middle of your stay. Or, if you have planned it at the beginning or end of your trip, the New York Sightseeing Day Pass will interest you.

New York 8 day Itinerary

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