Public Holidays New York 2023

Public Holidays New York

In New York every day is a holiday, but there are of course also a number of official public holidays. New York actually has no standard closing days for shops and museums. There are only two days when a large number of stores are closed (but not all): Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Below you find an overview of bank holidays in New York.




1st January: New Year’s Day

3rd Monday of January: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Mid-February: President’s Day

End of May: Memorial Day

4th July: Independence Day

1st Monday of September: Labor Day

11th September: WTC remembrance day

2nd Monday of October: Columbus Day

31st October: Halloween

1st Tuesday of November: Election Day

11th November: Veteran’s Day

4th Thursday of November: Thanksgiving Day

25th December: Christmas Day

31st December: New Year’s Eve

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