Samsung Store in New York

Samsung Store in New York

The Samsung Store in New York, called Samsung 837, can be found in the Meatpacking District. Visit this store if you’re a fan of the latest technology and digital gadgets. Samsung 837 isn’t just a store, it’s a pioneer in technology and innovation. There are three floors where you can find a theatre, an art gallery, a three stories larger-than-life screen, a multimedia studio, a mobile kitchen and a café. Everything has an innovative and smart touch. And of course, there’s also a support station where you can ask any questions you might have about your devices.

An Interactive Store

The store is located in a beautiful, modern building and hosts screenings and live-stream events such as the Oscars, sports games and concerts. You can also take a ride on a virtual reality rollercoaster using a VR headset, display your favourite selfie on the huge screen or have a look at all your Instagram pictures in a special tunnel with mirrored floor and ceiling.

Samsung Store in New York - outside Samsung Store in New York - inside

Eric’s Tip: Although I’m not a huge Samsung fan, I do think this store is worth a visit. It’s not your typical store, but a fun place to visit while discovering the Meatpacking District. If you’re going for a walk at the High Line Park, head to Samsung 837 for a quick toilet break, a sandwich and of course, to check your email.

Samsung Store in New York shop decor

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